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iXROVER R82 Heron

R82 Heron

The Heron is a state of the art toilet and bathing chair.

Heron Standard Features:

● One size
● 4 grey castors with locks
● Stainless steel frame
● Height adjustable frame
● Integrated push handles
● Built-in tilt in space
● Built-in recline
● Active, height adjustable back
● Potty ring

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The Heron is a state of the art toilet and bathing chair.

The simple design and clean appearance features multiple functionalities that improve both the user and caregiver experience. It sets new standards for users with special needs for positioning. The seat is ergonomically correct, meaning it can be tilted and the back reclined without any disadvantage for the user. Clever design means that during recline, the anatomical pivot point at the axis of the hips is maintained. This provides the user more comfort when seated.

The Heron can be used freestanding with a pan, directly over the toilet or as a bathing chair in the shower. The smooth height, tilt and recline functions ensure optimum working conditions for the carer. To maintain safety, the Heron is equipped with four lockable casters.

Washable at 85°C in a washing machine designed for medical devices. Remember to remove all accessories, unplug all cables and make sure to dismount the control box, battery and remote control before machine washing.


Hydraulic or power version

The Heron is available as a hydraulic or power version. Both contain the same features of tilt-in-space and back recline, but for extra ease and comfort for the carer, we recommend using the power version.

Perfect working conditions

One of the great features of the Heron is the hydraulic or powered height adjustment which allow you to adjust the chair into the correct position and reduce the time spent in a twisted or awkward position.

Optimum positioning

The Heron is suitable for teenagers. Change the back height and add a couple of simple accessories to change seat width and seat depth – it is easy to make the Heron fit perfectly!

Comfortable seating

Pressure mapping has been used in the design of Heron to minimise pressure and improve comfort for users even when the seat is used for extended periods of time.


The Heron can be used over a toilet, freestanding with a pan, as a bathing chair in the shower and reclined over the bath tub for e.g. during hair wash.
  • Over the toilet
  • Reclined over the bath tub
  • In the shower
  1. Back recline adjustment:
Use the easily accessible handle to recline the back.
  1. Seat angle adjustment:
Use the easily accessible handle or hand-set to perform the seat angle adjustment.
  • Handle for seat angle adjustment for hydraulic version
  • Remote for seat angle adjustment for power version
  1. Height adjustment:
Use the foot pedal or remote to height adjust the chair.
  • Foot pedal for height adjustment for hydraulic version
  • Remote for height adjustment for power version


  • Fixed side support
  • Hip supports
  • Hip support spacer blocks
  • PU inlay
  • Splash guard
  • Commode pan
  • Lid for commode pan
  • Calf support
  • Heels stops
  • Pudding for foot supports
  • Foot supports, open knee angle
  • Foot supports, right-angled knee
  • Arm rests, swing away 
  • Tray
  • Shoulder supports
  • PU inlay for shoulders supports
  • Seat depth reduction
  • Head supports 
  • Curved cushions
  • Torso vest
  • Cross vest
  • Net cross vest
  • Net vest
  • Neoprene hip belt
  • Y-hip belt
  • Ankle straps 


Item number 880505-01 880505-01EL
Back width, top of backrest (mm) 290 290
Backrest angle (°) 0-30 0-30
Backrest height (mm) 555-625 555-625
Effective seat depth (mm) 450 450
Effective seat width (mm) 550 550
Length (mm) 10.12 10.12
Lower leg length (mm) 400-560 400-560
Mass device (kg) 28 31
Maximum rated load (kg) 130 11.6
Maximum user mass (kg) 100 130
Minimum turning diameter (mm) 6.02 6.02
Overall height (mm) 1080-1350 1130-1350
Overall width (mm) 31.10 31.10
Seat plane angle (°) (-5)-25 (-5)-25
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 510-780 560-780
Static stability downhill (°) 10 10
Static stability sideways (°) 5 5
Static stability uphill (°) 10.1 10
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