How to get the necessary Funding ?

How to get the necessary Funding ?

We realize that the vast majority of our potential customers lack the resources needed to purchase the iXROVER / xROVER multifunctional outdoor sports stroller. That's why we decided to put information on our website, provide tips and ideas on how to effectively access potential sources of funding, as a guide that can help you find other financial partners.

In a large percentage of states, there is a Medicaid Waiver program to purchase equipment that is not normally covered by Medicaid guidelines. Where should you start to find the money you need to buy the iXROVER / xROVER multifunctional outdoor sports stroller and enjoy your stay outside with your loved ones like never before?

The first step should be to reach out to organizations in your own area. There are many civic organizations and associations such as: churches, foundations, charities, non-profit organizations that raise money for people with disabilities to buy the equipment you need.

There are also several Federal and numerous State agencies that pay all or most of the cost of the equipment.

Use social media. Create your own online fundraising campaign using online financial sites. Here are some examples of sites: YouCaring, Indegogo, GoFundMe, Crowdraise, GiveForward.

There are also many grants available for people in need. Don't be afraid to ask them or be too proud, because people are really more blessed to give than to receive.

Most importantly, don't give up hope !

When asking financial assistance to purchase the iXROVER / xROVER stroller, try to include answers to the following questions:

  • Why it is important for you and / or your family to be able to get this piece of equipment?
  • What are the benefits to you and / or your family to be able to receive this equipment?
  • Why do you need financial help?

What is xROVER / iXROVER ?

iXROVER / xROVER is a specially designed outdoor sports multifunctional stroller/buggy and bike trailer that allows you to do a variety of outdoor activities. iXROVER / xROVER stroller is suitable for children, adults and seniors alike. Whether you like cycling, skating, running, or hiking - you can do it all together now, at full blast, without remorse and with no fear for the health and comfort of your loved ones. the stroller´s design and construction offers access to recreation that a wheelchair cannot.  It is light and very easy to operate, even with an adult up to 265 Lb. The stroller is available in three sizes (S, M and L), for people with limited mobility from child to adult. iXROVER / xROVER stroller was made for disabled and immobility people as a special needs stroller, jogger and buggy.

Who is the iXROVER / xROVER for ?

In its standard version, size S, the iXROVER / xROVER stroller is designed for newborns and kids of up to about 4-5 years of age. However, other versions, size M and L for older children and adults having problems with their musculoskeletal system are available too. iXROVER / xROVER stroller extends the possibilities of movement about the city as well as the variety of outdoor activities.

Why choose iXROVER / xROVER stroller ?

Safety, control, incredible versatility and the best quality - these are the main reasons to opt for the iXROVER / xROVER. While the stroller/buggy driver can enjoy its high utility value, easy handling and a wide range of accessories, the passenger will literally luxuriate in spending time in the ergonomically shaped seat with maximum comfort. iXROVER xROVER stroller nevertheless offers more than comfort and convenience. It can also boast of its specific design - its unique and modern look will certainly attract your attention.

What size of iXROVER should I choose ?

The iXROVER / xROVER multi-functional outdoor sports stroller/buggy and bike trailer is available in three sizes. The basic S size is designed for the smallest kids - it can be used by newborns up to children aged 4-5 years of up to 4 ft in height. The weight is limited by the relevant standard, but the stroller/buggy is capable of bearing considerable weight for real. Its technical features have been designed to exceed many times the required parameters, making the stroller/buggy the safest product of its kind in the market. It meets the standards of both a stroller and a bike trailer, and is therefore homologated / certified for the road traffic. The models of larger M and L sizes are designed for older children and adults.

What iXROVER / xROVER versions may I order ?

We have chosen a unique model "ALL IN ONE" for sale in the USA and CANADA that boasts almost all the basic equipment - wheels, cycling kit, seat, fixation pad, hood, rear large bag, mosquito net, 5-point safety belt with padding, wind stopper, raincoat, safety hand belt, bike bag, waist bag/handle bag. All these “gadgets” turn iXROVER / xROVER stroller into a multifunctional and versatile stroller/buggy - the best solution for a reasonable price on the market.

What color combinations does iXROVER / xROVER stroller offer ?

The iXROVER / xROVER multi-functional outdoor sports stroller/buggy and bike trailer is available in several color combinations. You are able to choose from RED, ORANGE, PINK, GREEN and BLUE color combinations of the iXROVER / xROVER stroller. 

What accessories does the version "ALL IN ONE" iXROVER / xROVER stroller contain ?

iXROVER / xROVER stroller version "ALL IN ONE" include:

  • Monolithic alu construction
  • 5 points safety belt
  • Canopy
  • Windstopper
  • Raincoat
  • Mosquito net
  • Fixation insert
  • Rear bag
  • Rear 20" wheels with drum brakes and park lock
  • Front wheel 14" with fork
  • Swivel front wheel 6" with fork
  • Retaining belt
  • Wheel bag
  • Cyclo - set (incl. towing bar with complete accessories and fender)
  • Bum bag and handbag
  • Metal handlebar joint
  • Smart watches
  • CD with all instruction how to use it (very easy operation – no strength necessary)

What are the key features and benefits of iXROVER / xROVER stroller ?

The key features of iXROVER / xROVER stroller:

  • Special reinforced aluminium construction
  • Head, side and central supports
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat
  • Extremely light weight
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seating position
  • Total width of stroller – 30 inches
  • Easy operation – no strength necessary
  • The best driving qualities in its class on all terrains
  • Front & rear frame arches to protect the head and body
  • Safety belts with five-point safety buckles.
  • Rear axle wheel camber ensures stability and decreases risk of side overturn.
  • Possibility to modify the handbrake from right to left.
  • All fastening materials are made of stainless steel A2 grade.
  • An integrated bag for accessories and personal items

Is the iXROVER / xROVER stroller certified / homologated ?

The iXROVER / xROVER stroller is certified as a reha stroller for handicaped people. All our certification are on our web page in section download. 

What is the seat height from floor on the iXROVER / xROVER stroller ?

The height of the seat from the floor to iXROVER / xROVER stroller is 18 inches and allows very easy getting on and off the stroller.

What is iXROVER / xROVER Buggy ?

iXROVER / xROVER Buggy is an upgraded version of the iXROVER stroller/buggy basic model that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. This version available in M and L sizes features a special monolithic reinforced aluminum skeleton, BUGGY 20” x 4.0 wheels and a front BUGGY wheel with a fork. The customers will certainly appreciate a bonus in form of a special BUGGY wheel bag. The stroller/buggy is perfect for rough terrains, such as the beach, bumpy and uneven surfaces or unpaved roads.

What materials is iXROVER / xROVER made of ?

iXROVER / xROVER stroller is made of the best quality materials. Extremely lightweight yet super-durable 6000 and 7000 series aluminum skeleton ensures maximum rigidity of the frame. Other components are of aluminum too. The heavy-duty parts, such as the cycling kit, wheel attachments and other elements, are made of the highest quality stainless steel meeting the DIN 1.4301 standard. The upholstery is made of a highly durable Cordura fabric that ensures long durability of the seat, side panels and other stressed parts and is easy to wash.

Can anything go wrong with iXROVER / xROVER ?

Over time, the iXROVER / xROVER brakes may wear out and thus diminish effect, as well as some of the other components. iXROVER is nevertheless so practically designed and structurally durable that you don't need to worry. Unless the stroller/buggy is damaged mechanically, chemically or otherwise, there is nothing you could break down. For better handling, maintenance and prevention of malfunctions, please read carefully the iXROVER / xROVER instruction manual (website link), explaining everything in detail.

What should I do if something goes wrong with the iXROVER / xROVER stroller ?

First of all, read the user manual carefully, as it describes basic maintenance and servicing, making it easy for you to adjust your iXROVER / xROVER. If any part of the stroller/buggy has been damaged, take a picture thereof immediately. Send the photos and a short video to info@ixroverfl.com together with a description of the problem and the circumstances of its occurrence, and we will contact you to offer a solution. Minor repairs may be provided by standard bicycle repair shops. Spare parts or complex repairs are dealt with individually after the condition of the stroller/buggy is assessed.

How to maintain and service the iXROVER / xROVER stroller ?

Maintenance and servicing of iXROVER / xROVER are not difficult. Before each ride, check carefully all parts of the stroller/buggy for proper attachment of the wheel suspensions and of the safety strap, for tightening of nuts and bolts, spokes, central axis and correct inflation. If you discover any impropriety or damage, correct it immediately to prevent injury. Twice a year, the stroller/buggy should be entrusted into the hands of professionals and get checked at a standard bicycle repair shop.

What accessories can I choose of and do they fit on every iXROVER / xROVER ?

The accessories are generally divided into those that are versatile for all iXROVER's, those that are versatile for each stroller/buggy size, and those that are matched in size and color to the specific iXROVER / xROVER version. You can find their overview in our e-shop (https://www.ixroverfl.com/accessories), where you can easily choose according to your needs and taste. The most sought-after accessories include headrest, transport bag, special inserts, beach set, various pads, softened seat, wheel covers, various bags, and extended fixation and safety aids for individual solutions.

What should I do if I need customization of the iXROVER / xROVER stroller ?

Send your inquiry together with your idea of how the iXROVER / xROVER stroller/buggy should be adapted to our email info@ixroverfl.com. We will assess them and suggest an optimal solution. If possible, we will do our best to tailor your iXROVER /xROVER to fully suit your requirements, needs and wishes.

What is iXROVER / xROVER Beach ?

iXROVER / xROVER BEACH stroller is a specially designed version of the iXROVER / xROVER stroller basic model. It will satisfy even the most demanding customers. This version, which is available in S, M and L sizes, features a special monolithic reinforced aluminum skeleton, rear Beach 20” wheels with balloon tires and a 12” front Beach wheel with a fork. The Beach stroller is perfect into sandy terrains, especially sandy beaches. The uniquely designed wheels make it a piece of cake to handle the stroller on any sandy beach.

Why choose iXROVER / xROVER Beach ?

This stroller model is the best solution for those who enjoy spending time with kids on the beach and by the sea. Its handling is absolutely unrivaled in the sand of all kinds. You can therefore easily bring your loved ones as far as the sea or just walk along the seaside and enjoy the salty breeze. This would not be possible with a classic stroller at all, since its wheels immediately sink into the sand and the stroller cannot be pushed in the terrain. iXROVER / xROVER Beach allows you to spend time on the beach in company of all the family members with much more comfort. Besides that, the stroller easily takes in anything you need to spend a day at the seaside. It is equally easy to use it in sand dunes, during trips in a desert, etc. The stroller’s extremely lightweight but durable wheels of polyurethane (PU) ensure that it never buries into sand.

What makes iXROVER / xROVER Beach better than the other “beach vehicles” ?

The beach wheels with balloon tires, which have been designed especially for iXROVER / xROVER, are made of extremely durable materials and the central bearings and hubs unit is made of the highest quality stainless steel. Thanks that, these parts never corrode and maintain their quality for a long time. At the same time, the wheels are designed to be easily compatible with the iXROVER base frame and feature QR (Quick Release) system, similarly to all the other wheel types that come with the iXROVER strollers. Thanks to its exceptionally easy handling, no other beach strollers equal iXROVER in functionality and operation properties. This model of iXROVER can also be complemented with all the other components and turned into a year-round stroller for the widest variety of activities, such as jogging, in-line skating, hiking, cycling while it used as a bike trailer, or simply for walks around the neighborhoods.

Is it possible to send iXROVER / xROVER stroller as a package ?

We are sShipping across the US and CANADA. We use the following companies for shipping: FedEx or UPS