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iXROVER / xROVER stroller size S model "ALL IN ONE" - GREEN Pink


iXROVER / xROVER is the best and the most beautiful stroller for disabled and immobility people on the market. This is the special needs stroller, jogger and buggy with fantastic accessories portfolio with modern design and extraordinary color combinations.

Our xROVER strollers are an ideal choice for all active parents who are looking for safe and reliable transport equipment for sport activities.

xROVER offers 3 sizes to suit your needs. We always recommend to "size up" to allow room for growth of your loved one.

Variable, ergonomic and comfortable versatile stroller made from an extra strong ultra-light alloy frame. We use only top branded components on iXROVER / xROVER strollers.

Its anatomical shape and conceptual solution ensures for the best possible ergonomic seating position.

You can also get the xROVER stroller on installments thanks to Affirm. Check out

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Not everyone has fortune to move without limitations. If you still want to spend time with loved ones and actively expand their options and your social life, we have a modern and unique solutions in the form of innovative medical stroller iXROVER / xROVER REHA.

iXROVER / xROVER REHA is a multifunctional medical stroller that thanks its design allows to transport people with limited mobility and provides them maximal safety and comfort.

Pleasant padding satisfies even the most demanding clients with different needs. You can easily adjust the angle of the seat - seating to lying position. The stroller is equipped with anatomic fixation inserts with variable wedge modules, drum brakes with parking lock and many other features for all year-round use in diverse conditions and terrains. 

This unique multifunctional sports stroller iXROVER is suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports and activities. The iXROVER stroller can be used in any terrain and weather, so you can spend joint activities with your loved ones anywhere in nature.

- for a walk in the city for shopping - into nature (the stroller can handle even difficult terrain) - on roller skates - for running and jogging - connection behind the bike (stroller contains a complete bike set) - go to the beach (beach set can be ordered) - for snow and skying (winter set can be ordered)

Its design and construction offers access to recreation that a wheelchair cannot.  It is light and very easy to operate, even with an adult up to 265 Lb. Available in three sizes, for people with limited mobility from child to adult.

iXROVER stroller is equipped with many features that make it ideal for most outdoor terrains from city streets, to the beach - even snow - and can also be attached to the back of an adult bicycle so everyone can enjoy the ride. 

The stroller is made perfectly for safe, comfortable and ergonomic seating position and contains lots of head and foot support accessories.

You can also get the xROVER stroller on installments thanks to Affirm. 

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Key features

  • Special reinforced aluminium construction
  • Head, side and central supports
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat
  • Extremely light weight
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seating position
  • Total width of stroller – 30 inches
  • Easy operation – no strength necessary
  • The best driving qualities in its class on all terrains
  • Front & rear frame arches to protect the head and body
  • Safety belts with five-point safety buckles.
  • Rear axle wheel camber ensures stability and decreases risk of side overturn.
  • Possibility to modify the handbrake from right to left.
  • All fastening materials are made of stainless steel A2 grade.
  • An integrated bag for accessories and personal items

iXROVER "ALL IN ONE" include

  • Monolithic alu construction
  • 5 points safety belt
  • Body and head fully adjustable supports as a part of the stroller  
  • Canopy
  • Windstopper
  • Raincoat
  • Mosquito net
  • Fixation insert
  • Rear bag
  • Rear 20" wheels with drum brakes and park lock
  • Front wheel 14" with fork
  • Swivel front wheel 6" with fork
  • Retaining belt
  • Wheel bag
  • Cyclo - set (incl. towing bar with complete accessories and fender)
  • Bum bag and handbag
  • Metal handlebar joint
  • Smart watches
  • CD with all instruction how to use it (very easy operation – no strength necessary)

Technical specifications

  • Weight (basic equipment): 21.8 lb
  • Carrying capacity: 100 lb
  • Adjustable seat: yes
  • Length: 3 ft 10 in
  • Width: 2 ft 2 in
  • Height: 2 ft 5 in
  • Total height: 3 ft 6 in
  • Total width: 2 ft 6 in
  • Body height: 4 ft
  • Spokeguard on request iXROVER REAR

    in stock

    Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days

    The spokeguards are used to prevent hand injury. They could be used both for spoke and felly wheels. Made from high resistence polycarbonate. Attach to wheels using tightening straps or screws. The wheel covers are delivered with customised print…



  • Transport bag for whole stroller iXROVER

    in stock

    Delivery: Dispatch: 15 days

    Not just the wheels but the entire stroller deserves a solid and firm bag. That is why we have developed a complex bag for problem-free transport of the entire stroller, including accessories.



  • Beach set iXROVER

    in stock

    Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days

    BEACH set for REHA xRover - absolutely new on the market! 2x rear ballon 20“ wheel with QR axle + 1x front ballon 12“ wheel with stainless steel fork. A unique accessory for using xRover strollers in the sand. Now you no longer need a second beach…



  • Ski Set iXROVER

    in stock

    Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days

    Our passion for staying active with our loved ones, whilst in the warmth, comfort and safety of their xRovers, is what first drove us to design our first set of xRover Skis. iXROVER / xROVER winter set / ski set includes 3x ski with brackets,…



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