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iXROVER Winter bag iXROVER

Winter bag iXROVER

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Winter bag iXROVER Model M

The cleverly designed, insulated sleeping bag to be used in the interior of the iXROVER / xROVER trailer / buggy.

Modifications for younger and older children. The detachable and washable foot warmer, openings serving as entry points for 5-point belts provide the maximum comfort both for child and its attendance.

Winter bag available in all sizes S, M and L.

  • manufacturer iXROVER
  • product code winter-bag-m
  • Availability: in stock (10pcs)
  • Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days
Price $558.00
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  • Model S

    in stock > 3 pcs | Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days


  • Model M

    in stock > 3 pcs | Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days


  • Model L

    in stock > 3 pcs | Delivery: Dispatch: 10 days


It is also called footpouch. … in other words: universal, heat insulated winter bag.

The function remains the same. The child can go out with you throughout the winter, yet his/her little body will not feel cold. In addition, our footpouch grows with the child, its detachable foot-warmer can be easily washed in a washing machine and the openings intended as the entry of five-point belts will guarantee the maximum safety to the person inside.

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